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In the relevant WTO 2010 report, Malaysia was ranked 24th largest trading nation of the world with a trade value of USD363.5 billion. For its exports of USD198.8 billion it was ranked 23rd and on imports of USD165 billion it was ranked 26th. Its global merchandise exports stood at USD15.2 trillion. Its major trading partners include China, Singapore, Japan, The USA, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Germany.

Malaysia is widely recognized for its competitiveness in meeting the world’s demand for high quality products and services. And Malaysian exporters are continuously enhancing their expertise in areas such as product development, design and packaging to meet changing consumer market demand.

10 reasons to trade with Malaysia: -
~ Diverse range of high quality products and services
~ Reliable suppliers
~ Well-developed trade support facilities
~ Transparent and fair trading regulations
~ Good manufacturing practices
~ Professional business culture
~ Friendly business environment
~ Ports with modern facilities
~ Pro-business government policies
~ Malaysia’s track record as a trading nation

Capital : Kuala Lumpur
Total Area : 127,350 sq ml or 329,847.00 sq km
: 28.6 million (2011 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 : 45 million
Literacy : 88.7% Total, 92% Male, 85.4% Female (2010 est.)
Life Expectancy : 71.7 for Male, 76.6 for Female (2010 est.)
Government Type
: Constitutional Monarchy
: Bahasa Melayu (Official), English, Chinese dialects (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi; note - in addition, in East Malaysia several indigenous languages are spoken, the largest of which are Iban and Kadazan
Currency : 1 Ringgit (M$) = 100 sen
GDI (per capita) : USD8,725 or RM26,175 (2010 est.)
Arable Land : 5.5% (2008)
Religions : Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity,
Sikhism; note - in addition, Shamanism is practiced in East
Labor Force (by occupation) : Manufacturing 16.9%,
Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries 13.3%, Construction 9.2%, Mining & Quarrying 0.5%, Utilities 2.6%, Wholesale & Retail Trade & Repair of Vehicles 16.2%, Accommodation & Food Services 7.3%, Transportation & Storage 4.8%, Other Services 29.2%
Industry : Rubber, Oil Palm Processing & Manufacturing, Light Manufacturing Industry, Electronics, Tin Mining & Smelting,
Logging & Processing Timber, Petroleum Production & Refining, Agriculture Processing
Agriculture : Palm Oil, Rubber, Rice, Subsistence Crops, Timber, Coconuts
Major Exports : Electrical & Electronic Products, Palm Oil & Palm Oil Based Products, Petroleum and Liquefied Natural Gas, Chemicals, Timber and Timber based Products, Natural Rubber, Articles of Apparel & Clothing Accessories
Major Imports : Machinery & Transport Equipment, Chemicals, Food, Fuel & Lubricants
Natural Resources : Tin, Petroleum, Timber, Copper, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Bauxite
Telephones (main lines in use) : 4.311 million (2009)
Telephones (mobile cellular) : 28.54 million (2009)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) : 10 (2009)